Hello from! I am so sorry for my recent disappearance as there have been so many things I needed to prepare for my trip to Singapore and UK this coming September. So far, everything was settled down. ‘Em can’t wait!!! As you all have noticed that Pre-Fall items are now rolled out everywhere, I … Continue reading


Optical silhouette has a strong influence on menswear Fall/Winter 2012-13 collections spanning across from established fashion houses to designers-at-the-moment. Believe it or not, the graphic-styled pieces are arguably one of the season’s worth-to-try l0oks for trend-following men. And designers’ return to this intriguing technique of applying asymmetrical prints from trim cropped cotton pants to wool … Continue reading


Inspired by the net silhouette, the Scottish-styled prints are this season’s must-have items to fulfill your wardrobe. Ever wonder how to dress to impress? Or more practically, searching for more inspiring pieces to spice up your corporate look? No worries, these Scottish-printed designs have you covered-literally, in a stylish cap, delicate middle sleeve dresses and … Continue reading


Thanks to the inevitable swing of fashion pendulum, colors have always been incorporated into menswear designs and this Spring/Summer 2012 season isn’t an exception. Exemplifying this season hottest color pantone, the delicate yellow-toned creations give such a bright and bold idea to spice up your summer runway, whether on the vacation mood or participating lively … Continue reading


The art of science does present in a delicate way of beautifully-designed creations under the theme of “Sci-fi” perspective. From shinny slippers to clear bracelets, nothing seems to be intact when it comes to this season’s biggest trend. Inspired by the well-structured designs, futuristic-styled accessories are promised to take your outfits to the next level. … Continue reading