The idea of WARDROBE4x4 came from my passion to write everything for fashion, from Prêt-à-Porter, accessories to inspiring people on the street. WARDROBE4x4 is meant to be simply a place to exchange ideas among fashion mavens and amateurs.

Having a good sense of fashion, in my opinion, is the ability to express your personality through bespoke compositions of style and creativity with aspects such as fits, proportion, layering and the fabric quality to create an image that is of your own.

My journey in the fashion industry was embarked in July, 2009 as a fashion columnist for DEP Magazine. What was once a 10-page spread of fashion, mix’n’match and fashion news has evolved over the years to a 20-page spread of everything from fashion, beauty, accessories mix’n’match. The journey is always inspiring and exciting as I am grateful for all the amazing experience with fashion editors, bloggers & fashion event organizers that I have made along the way.

Studied International Business Management, however, my passion for fashion has always been expressed in engaging ways with fashion industry, from magazines, exhibitions to runway.

As always, I want to thank you for visiting WARDROBE4x4 and please keep in mind that the contents written in the blog are just my personal opinions, which are very subjective. Every comment/suggestion is most welcome.

Thanks for reading!

Yours in style,

Nguyen Thanh Huy

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