Thanks to the inevitable swing of fashion pendulum, colors have always been incorporated into menswear designs and this Spring/Summer 2012 season isn’t an exception. Exemplifying this season hottest color pantone, the delicate yellow-toned creations give such a bright and bold idea to spice up your summer runway, whether on the vacation mood or participating lively activities.

Even though yellow with its bright hues are eye-catchy enough to lure fashion-conscious women, yet admittedly, this color is a tough one to pull off. Depending on different way of cluttering pieces together, the rule of color combination plays a critical role, so to speak.

Featured in an excessive use of materials ranging from calf leather sole, wool, silk organza and cotton, it creates a strong message of designers’ attempt to dispel the gloomy days of Euro zone crisis for a more optimistic perspective. From sneakers, brogues or wing-tipped shoes, loafers to moccasin, designers have them all.

Opt for shades like blue, black, white or brown to match with your yellow pants and cocoon-shaped jackets or pick small accessories like ties, wristwatch or belts to highlight your corporate look. Knee-length shorts are season’s hottest pieces while light weight blazer (For summer, I say it!) also makes a huge come back this season.

And, one more little thing to clear your doubt, colorful pants like yellow, peach and pink color are selling like hot pancakes this summer. But just in case you wanted to venture yourself on the street (as a clown I suppose), try not to opt for too bright matching colors from head to toe. Instead, follow the basic rules of “One bright – One neutral” to pull everything off together. Good luck!

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