The art of science does present in a delicate way of beautifully-designed creations under the theme of “Sci-fi” perspective. From shinny slippers to clear bracelets, nothing seems to be intact when it comes to this season’s biggest trend. Inspired by the well-structured designs, futuristic-styled accessories are promised to take your outfits to the next level.

Made from materials like shinny calf leathers, heavy metals like silver, slate or crystal and transparent resin, it has certainly many ways to transform your look with these awesome pieces. Quirky concepts were accentuated too. From shimmering 3.1 Phillip Lim rectangle-shaped shoulder bag to Chanel chunky bo0ts adorned by tribal-styled details, what a great composition to spice up your summer style.

Faithful to its initial concept, fashion designers drew sketches that were quirkily beautiful enough to complement any of your look. Colors were blended perfectly with the presence of some of this season’s hottest pantones like cotton candy or shimmering silver and gold.

Musing shapes vary from piece to piece but fashionably speaking, sharp edge and angular designs dominated much of this season’s trend. And of course, these futuristic looks are not an exception. Featured in fine jewelry line, the craftsmanship reflected through designers’ secret technique to produce such immaculate quality.

As mentioned, there are certainly many ways of having these sleek futuristic-inspired accessories looked pulled together. Opt for chunky accessory to complement your corporate outfit while pick shimmering leather ankle boots for your ultimate evening standout.  To smooth out the angular shapes, try outfits that feature softer and more feminine pantone like mint, cotton candy or pastel tangerine.

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