Inspired by Spock, a character from the movie series “Star Trek”, fashion designers’ Spring/Summer collections feature a strong influence of futuristic silhouette. Opt for unusual materials like Neoprene, male shopper are believed to be wowed by a unique blend of eccentric and contemporary cut-outs.

From stretchable sweaters to plain biker-styled jackets, there are certainly many ways of wearing these fashion-forwarded pieces. Adorned by creative details like neon ribbons, tie-die prints and cable knitting, these designs are highly versatile and wearable. Yet, it is wearer’s own decision at the end to express his/her own personality.

Presented mostly in earthy palette, the Star Trek-themed creations accentuate the balance between artistic vision and commerce that recently seen in many private labels. Accessorized with python sandals, gladiator-styled brogue boots and leather belts, these Star Trek-themed designs set sail for style’s next generation.

For guys’ ultimate summer essentials, wear shorts for a more casual looks, especially during your summer excursion or opt for leather pants for a rugged and tough look. To create a true futuristic look, pair with metal-made accessories like bracelet, small rings or structured necklace.

As noticed, the use of earthy palette is to embrace minimal casual looks so stick with these tones throughout your outfit. Just a word of caution, limit your selection to only few eye-catching pieces like bracelet, rings or necklace. Wrong picks will not only result in funky looks, but also enroll you in the list of fashion disaster, so to speak.

3 Responses to “MEN’S LOOK / STAR TREK”
  1. Digging the Wang stuff! & Diesel head phones.. lovely.

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