Nothing is more enchanting than a flock of bird showing their flapping wings in designers’ Spring/Summer 2012 creations. Spotted countlessly at a number of collections, from Joseph Altuzarra to Reed Karkoff, the feather creatures accentuated the artistic point-of-view that remained a substantial source of inspiration in recent seasons.

The avian-printed motif was used to adorn many of designers’ creations in both decorative and casual ways. At Marc by Marc Jacobs, the sporty influence was feminized by adding a touch of cheerful bird-styled prints to his knee-length dress in neon colors. Likewise, at Giles, decorative swans are popped against the iridescent backdrop of watercolor-liked fabrics.

No recent seasons has featured such distinctive, bold and versatile bird prints like in Spring/Summer 2012 where they are engraved subtly with graceful colors. But a word of caution is unnecessary as they remain safe and sound to wearers.

It is art and commercial commingle in harmony so either embroidered details or digitally printed on fabric, the unexpected avian invasion remains its fresh unique and creativity. There is no such boundary in having everything looked pulled together by mix’n’match things that inspired you most.

But just a word of caution, completely avoid excessive use of matchy-matchy details and pastel colors even though they are both fashion editors’ favorite s this summer. Reasons are simple: matchy-matchy details ain’t more merely than a mess of visual distraction that could hurt people’s eyes and pastel colors are making main subjects faded faster than a greased lighting.

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