Print-styled shirts always remind me of cheerful silhouette and are a perfect summer essential for both men and women. Thanks to the inevitable swing of fashion pendulum, Hawaii-styled print is back on the runway but on a global scale.

From Derek Lam to Givenchy, the floral prints accents even a bigger influence from established fashion houses to rising designers. If past seasons are dominated by oversized floral prints in neon colors, the trend this summer emphasizes on a more subtle choice, small-floral prints.

Commonly referred to as an Aloha shirt because of its festive look and gorgeous color mixed, gentlemen can opt for pastel-colored shirts to highlight the cheerful summer mood or darker hue shirts for a more mature look.

As always, remember to choose a size larger than yours since these garments are meant to be loose fitting rather than squeezing yourself in a piece of super tiny fabric. This is a word of caution because as soon as you wear, comfort is what you really need. It does not matter whether you are standing erect or siting up straight.

One common question I have been asked again and again by many folks that should we or should not we tuck-in when wearing a Hawaii shirt. The answer could not be easier; you just leave your shirt un-tucked and let yourself enjoy the summer breeze with its full excitement. This is probably the way of wearing an ubiquitous Hawaii-printed t-shirt that was meant years ago.

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