The most anticipated collaboration between Marc Jacobs and his Japanese-born artist, Yayoi Kusama will finally be unveiled on July 10th. This is another exciting collaboration where art and commerce commingle in harmony that has seen sky-rocking success in past years at the iconic French fashion house, Louis Vuitton.

Inspired by the quirky personality and dot-printed obsession of Yayoi Kusama, Marc Jacobs finally made his dreams a reality after six years since the introduction of Louis Vuitton Ellipse made by Yayoi Kusama herself but this time on a global scale.

The collaboration, ranging from pendant necklace to wristwatch, promises to allure both Vuitton’s loyal fans and fashion savvy. This limited collection will be available in Vuitton’s 461 stores worldwide in days that follow the bowing night at the Whitney Museum in New York City.

Vuitton and Yayoi Kusama fans will also have a chance to see how the iconic French fashion house heralds the collection via its store windows in a more creative, fascinating way and even shocking as hinted by the executive.

Having started since 2003 with the debut collaboration with Japanese artist, Takashi Murakami, Marc Jacobs’ occasional tie-up collections with contemporary artists have changed the way fashion insiders think of commercializing high fashion with modern arts.

Louis Vuitton will also introduce its iOS applications for the iPad & iPhone next month that feature exclusive content and engaging in-apps activities that allow users to play with the dotsand submit their creations to the official campaign website at www.louisvuittonkusama.com

Courtesy of Louis Vuitton.

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