Opting for a simple stripe-printed shirt is always a wise choice. What was once a hugely distinctive print associated with nautical sailors has become such an influencing trend for seasons and seasons. And, this summer is not an exception. (I kid you not!!!)

There are many ways to wear, but remember as always, a true fashion faux pas usually dons head-to-toe unless you want to be model go-see for “Prison Break” casting.  Instead, opting for something have natural hues like eggshell, khaki and pure white or colors with darker hues like black and inky blue is always a smart choice.

And speaking for myself, I always pick stripe as one of my favorites. It is not because of its perfect utility and easy-to-wear but also of its magical wand to fix my imperfect body shape too…


Courtesy of Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, Burberry, Alexander McQueen, Havainas, Nautica

2 Responses to “MEN’S LOOK / SAILOR WALK”
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